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AI Ideas to Implementation
in just 12 Weeks

Unlock the Full Potential of AI for Your Business
with Our Expert-Led Implementation Program


Presented by
Christoph Burkhardt 

Christoph Burkhardt excels in AI implementation, teaching executives how to use AI to enhance their strategies and operations. His programs break down AI's role across industries, making its transformative potential accessible and actionable for leaders aiming to stay ahead in the digital era.

Are You Ready to Lead Your Industry with Cutting-Edge AI Solutions?

Navigating the complex landscape of AI can be daunting. Many SMEs and corporate teams face the challenge of moving from idea to strategy and then to successful implementation. Whether you're looking to streamline operations, enhance customer experiences, or innovate your product offerings, our 12-Week AI Implementation Program is your catalyst for change.

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Introducing the

12-Week AI Implementation Program

Crafted for ambitious businesses in all industries, this program is not just a coaching service; it's an interim management solution that propels your team forward. Led by experts with over a decade of experience in turning ideas into impactful strategies, we provide you with the tools, knowledge, and hands-on guidance needed to execute your AI vision swiftly and effectively.

Why Choose Us?

Expertise at Your Fingertips

Benefit from the vast experience of Christoph and his team, who have successfully guided numerous companies in implementing AI strategies rapidly, avoiding decision paralysis.

Customized Implementation

Dive into a bespoke journey from Technology Needs Analysis to Deployment & Review, with deliverables at each phase ensuring your progress is measurable and impactful.

Real Results, Fast

Join the ranks of our successful clients, like those in biotech and design, who've seen tangible results within the 12-week cycle, moving at an unprecedented pace.

Beyond Coaching

Our coaches act as interim managers, working closely with your team to ensure not just planning, but execution, driving your strategy to success.

Your Transformation Journey

Each phase comes with key deliverables, from a Business Context Document to a Deployment Review Report, ensuring clarity and progress at every step.


Lay the groundwork with a Technology Needs Analysis, setting the stage for AI integration.


Unleash creativity with Ideation & Brainstorming, identifying high-impact solutions.


Design compelling solutions with our Solution Design phase, focused on user-centric prototypes.



Move into Development & Testing, iterating rapidly based on real user feedback.


Solidify your Implementation Planning, ensuring a seamless transition to AI-enhanced operations.


Celebrate Deployment & Review, with a roadmap for ongoing innovation and improvement.

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Get in touch today. Exclusive Offer for Pioneers

  • High-Value Add-Ons: Complimentary access to our AI Expert Network, and a private community of innovators for ongoing support.

  • Risk-Free Guarantee: We're so confident in the value we bring, we offer a satisfaction guarantee. If you don't see results, we'll work with you until you do.

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Take the Next Step

​Don't let another day pass by without moving closer to your AI goals. Receive a detailed program outline by email or schedule a call with us today. Our team is ready to guide you through every step of the journey, ensuring your success is not just planned, but realized.

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