• Author of several books on emerging technologies, impact innovation and business transformation

  • Sought after keynote speaker and longterm corporate advisor to companies like Allianz, Pfizer, Intel and BMW

  • As CEO of the technology startup OneLife leading the development and global roll-out of products

  • CEO of OneLife, founder of the Burkhardt Group LLC and TinyBox in California. Author, Speaker, Entrepreneur. Born in Germany, MSc in London, based in San Francisco. Background in Cognitive Psychology, Behavioral Economics, Futurism.

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The German born cognitive psychologist and economist lives in California. Christoph is a sought after keynote speaker who knows how to engage and motivate an audience. His think tank TinyBox provides companies like Deutsche Bank, Intel, SAP, BMW or Merck with the tools and systems for technology-inspired use cases and an approach to cultural transformation that forms the basis of innovation-driven growth.


Christoph has helped clients around the globe, from India and China to every corner of Europe. In his most recent book “DON'T BE A ROBOT” he uncovers seven survival strategies which will be crucial for businesses to respond to the massive AI paradigm shift approaching almost all industries.


In 2019 Christoph took over the role as CEO of the German Healthtech Startup OneLife that established a green air purification technology as global innovation driver for a healthier, more sustainable future for everybody.

  • 2020 San Francisco: How are we creating clean air for all?

  • 2019 Cologne: What is the Status Quo of Green Tech?

  • 2015 China: What is the future of cities going to look like?

  • 2012-2019 San Francisco: What drives Silicon Valley?

  • 2011 India: How is Google creating Cultures of Innovation?

  • 2009-2011 London: MSc London School of Economics

  • 2006-2009 Munich: Psychology (Dipl) and Economics (BSc)

  • 2004-2006 Heidelberg: Cognitive Social Psychology

  • 1985 Born this way


Christoph Burkhardt is a boundary-spanning
INNOVATION EXPERT. After over a decade life and work in Silicon Valley, California, he knows the difference between businesses whose ideas will have transformative impact and those you'll never hear about. Christoph's clients benefit from his deep understanding of emerging technologies and impeccable sense for business strategy. 

The INTERNATIONAL FUTURIST researches trends worldwide and remains an unconditional optimist about the the fate of the human race on planet earth. Christoph says that technologies will save us all in the end even if they create quite a mess in the meantime. As a great proponent of green technologies he is about to take on his next big project in 2020.   

"Home is where my stuff lives" says Christoph. He is a full-on GLOBAL CITIZEN navigating between San Francisco, Cologne and Shanghai. As a true believer in the power of diversity and global connection he has worked in projects from India to China, the US and all over Europe. "If you want to keep up with what's going on you have to go where it happens" and that seems to be a different spot all the time.

With a track record of instilling trust and curiosity with his clients the FEARLESS FACILITATOR is a master in managing psychological safety. As a trained cognitive psychologist he has years of experience in getting people to leave their comfort zone, think beyond their boundaries and create change they would not have deemed possible.

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Don't be a Robot - Seven Survival Strategies in the Age of Artificial Intelligence

(2018) [English & German]

Applied Psychology for Project Managers

(2015) [English]

Denkfehler Innovation - warum Fehlentschiedungen oft der Grund für Fortschritt sind (2016) [German]

Durchbruch - Gute Ideen sind kein Zufall
(2014) [German]


Christoph has a wonderful, natural style of enlisting and enrolling. And clearly he has a passion for his job. He really added a very special, generous and wise dimension to our event. Extremely impressed, learned so much and was truly inspired.

One of the best business presentations I've attended! Keep up the great work. This presentation will inspire your company and teams to reach for new heights and think outside the box!

Christoph’s workshop has completely changed the way I think. His innovative and exceptionally creative way of approaching existing problems makes him an extraordinarily talented trainer. An experience with long term effects.

Aidan Harney, PhD

Change Leadership

Intel Corporation

Daniar Hussain, PhD 

Founder & President

American Patent Agency

Fabio Olivotti

Head of Design Identity and Media

BMW Group


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