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We work with our clients to address technological challenges, build use cases that scale, hold clients accountable, and inspire change and transformation. Our team has worked with businesses ranging from startups to global corporations across a wide range of industries.


Our goal is simple: we see far too many good ideas fail. Businesses must innovate or perish. That is why we exist: to help innovators succeed by providing them with the tools they need to take their ideas from concept to reality.  

Don't be a robot - Christoph Burkhardt.j

Don't be a Robot - Seven Survival Strategies in the Age of Artificial Intelligence

(2018) [English & German]

Applied Psychology for Project Managers

(2015) [English]

Denkfehler Innovation - warum Fehlentschiedungen oft der Grund für Fortschritt sind (2016) [German]

Durchbruch - Gute Ideen sind kein Zufall
(2014) [German]

Strategy Consulting/Mentoring

Christoph Burkhardt has helped entrepreneurs and senior executives to push their business strategies and career moves effectively. Please contact us for individual coaching and mentoring opportunities.

As a strategy consultant Christoph can become part of your team for a set project or specific solutions. As an external advisor he has been working with other consulting teams when specific requirements demand someone with industry overview and current developments in technologies as well as business strategy.

To keep services affordable we successfully work with many clients remotely and virtually. Just talk to us.


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